Tech Note 71: How to bridge DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) protocol to Suitelink protocol using Wonderware FactorySuite Gateway

With the release of newer operating systems from Microsoft, such as Windows Vista, support for NetDDE (Network Dynamic Data Exchange) is being discontinued. This poses a problem for legacy I/O communication servers which are DDE based, as newer clients may not be able to directly communicate with them.

A workaround exists, which will translate DDE to Suitelink protocol and give legacy DDE servers the ability to communicate with the most recent client operating systems. This workaround involves configuring Wonderware FactorySuite Gateway (FS Gateway) on the DDE IO Server node for protocol translation.

FS Gateway is capable of translating DDE, Suitelink, OPC and LMX/NMX bi-directionally to any of the previously mentioned communication protocols.

This tech note provides two examples, both of which detail the process for translating a DDE server conversation to Suitelink:

  1. The first example uses a legacy DDE IO Server providing Modbus protocol data
  2. The second example is of a remote connection to an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, bridging the Excel DDE server to Suitelink protocol.

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