Tech Note 941 – Resetting a Non-Responsive Intermec CK61 Device

March 26, 2013

At times your Intermec CK61 handheld computer can become non-responsive.

If the computer does not resume after pressing the power button, or if the IntelaTrac application locks up, you may need to restart your device. The Intermec CK61 device has saved configurations in the Flash File store memory to reset the CK61 device. Here are the three methods you can use to reset the handheld.

  • Warm Boot
  • Cold Boot
  • Clean Boot

Application Versions:

  • This Tech Note applies to all versions of Intelatrac supported on this device.
    **(Is not technically related to the software version, just the Intermec Hardware we provide).

The full Tech Note can be viewed on the Wonderware Developer Network - Tech Note 941

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